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Your suggestions

If you have an idea for a project you’d like to do with us, get in touch! If you’re interested in Archaeology, Local History or our Archive and Museum collections, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Whether you’re part of a local group (or even a non-local group with an interest in East Lothian), an individual or another organisation, there is plenty of scope for us to collaborate and be creative.

It might be about digitising and researching a particular collection to go on this website, or about sharing resources on subjects that we have in common. Or if you have an idea for a project that uses social media to get more people involved, we’d love to know more.

For inspiration, here are some examples of interesting collaborative projects around Britain (and Europe):

  • Historic Graves – a community/archaeology collaboration; regions in Scotland are also doing similar projects.
  • World War One in pictures, letters and memories – a project run by Europeana with Oxford University and the German National Library, inviting people to share pictures and stories about relatives and others who were involved in the war. It’s led to some touching discoveries.
  • Addressing History – organised by Edina, this was a social media project that digitised historic postal address books and invited people to explore them and discover some surprising stories about their homes, streets and even families.

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