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The great web challenge! Online activities for children

There’s lots to explore and discover on this website  …

D’ye ken Rabbie Burns?
Well, his mum and his brother and sister lived in East Lothian! Test our website and see if you can find out where! Find questions about Robert Burns here.

Lives of the Fisherwives
They’re awf’y famous, but where did they live and work? Go on, see if you can find out by searching this site, answer some questions and learn something different!

Hocus Pocus – Witches flying over East Lothian!
Did you know East Lothian had its very own witchfinder? Find out more about witches in East Lothian by seeing if you can answer our witchy questions.

Haddington besieged
When Henry VIII wanted baby Mary Queen of Scots to marry his son, his army marched into Scotland … and surrounded our town! Can you find out the answers to our questions about Mary and the Siege of Haddington?

Sporting challenge
Did you know East Lothian is famous for golf? And we even started the world’s first sporting competition (apart from maybe the Olympics!). See if you can discover what it was called, and lots more!

Celtic civilisation
East Lothian’s pretty flat, but there are two large bumps in the landscape. See if you can find them on the map (clue: their names end in ‘Law’), and find out who used to live on them – then answer our questions!

World Wars traces in the landscape
Can you find out where there are still anti-tank traps in East Lothian? There are lots more remains from these troubled times – have a look at our quiz and then hunt them down on the website!

Name that minister!
There seem to have been a lot of holy chaps in East Lothian over the years, some of them very famous. Check out our questions and see if you can find the answers lurking on the website.

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