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Museum Loan Boxes

We have the following Loan Boxes available for free loan to East Lothian schools, home educators and community groups. The boxes are stored at our main office in Haddington and we can usually arrange delivery to your local Library or your school. You can also collect directly from us if that is more suitable. Please contact us – we’ll do our best to meet your needs! You can find lots of handy tips for using loan boxes here.

Contents of the John Muir Loan Box

Contents of the John Muir Loan Box


  • Objects, stories and course materials from the various industries that operated at this historic site over the years.  Explore mining, soapmaking, pottery, brickmaking and more.

Working Life In East Lothian 

  • Artefacts, pictures and worksheets on the county’s traditional industries: fishing, farming, soapmaking etc.


  • This box contains replica artefacts including an oil lamp, wax tablet and stylus, games and coins, as well as information sheets and Roman figurines.

Anglo-Saxons and Vikings

  • Explore the past using replica artefacts, information sheets, wallcharts and more.  Includes a wattle and daub wall, and shoe-making kit!


  • This popular box includes all your need to replica Victorian life – slates, costumes, grid and cleek and much more.

World War II

  • Objects, images and documents from East Lothian at war.

Home Life: 1950s-70s

  • Objects, books and costumes from the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

John Muir

  • This box explores the life and legacy of environmental pioneer John Muir, Dunbar’s most famous son.

Outer Space   

  • Explore the solar system and beyond! CD-Roms, books, wallcharts and more.

Fossils and Dinosaurs

  • Contains fossils from East Lothian, model dinosaurs and resource materials.

Plants and Animals

  • A selection of plant and animal toys accompanied by identification materials, books games and photographs.

Transatlantic Slave Trade

  • Contains objects from plantations, stories of East Lothian residents involved in the trade and supporting material.

World War One

  • Includes objects such as maps of battlesites, DVD about Flanders Field, books and more.

Classroom Museum

  • If you’re studying a historical topic, why not go one step further and make your own museum? Classes all over East Lothian have been setting up their own museums and you can too! We have a Classroom Museum loan box which contains all sorts of useful things you might need to create your own classroom museum – white gloves, magnifying glasses and more. It also contains useful hints, tips and ideas to help you in your planning. Why not borrow it alongside one of the other loan boxes and create a museum in your classroom?! If you would like any support on the ‘phone or via e-mail please just get in touch. We’d love to hear all about your museums!

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