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Church and Philosophy

Samuel Smiles

Samuel Smiles print by P.A. Rajon c1883–87

East Lothian has proved fertile ground for thinkers and theologians, producing some firebrands as well as loyal statesmen along the way. Most people know of John Knox (probably born in Haddington), but did you also know of Samuel Smiles, inventor of Self-Help and a worldwide bestselling author (with that subject, how could he help it?) Or John Brown, who started as a self-taught shepherd boy and became an influential preacher, and editor of the famous ‘Self-interpreting Bible’ (we have a copy in the museum collection!). And there’s our very own John Gray, philanthropist and minister, whose generous gifts to the poor people of Haddington are still held in Trust today.

Some of these people feature in the articles in this section, and we will add more over time. If you have suggestions about people you would like to see featured in this section, please leave a comment below. And if you’d like to contribute an article yourself, please use our simple template and send it to us.

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