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Engineers and Inventors

Agriculture and industry have led to many inventions and engineering developments here in East Lothian.

Sandy's Mill

Sandy's Mill, an example of an 18th-c mill, showing threshing technology

Andrew Meikle and his family are renowned as developers of new milling and threshing technology for more than a century, and have left their mark on the landscape in the form of mills, mill wheels and threshing and grinding tools. The Meikles were supported by East Lothian’s improving agriculturalists, such as Fletcher of Saltoun; other magnates were innovators in their own right. George Hay (1787 – 1876), 8th marquis of Tweeddale, used his resources to develop a widely taken up tile-making machine and the Tweeddale Plough. For his services he was elected President of the Agricultural and Highland Society.

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