There have been heroic deeds small and large around the county over the years. Some of them by people easily classifiable as ‘soldiers’ or ‘sportspeople’. But what about the ‘ordinary’ people who by an act of bravery and determination help save people’s lives? Here we celebrate and commemorate some of these people.

We start with George Johnstone, who saved trapped miners in Tranent and is now honoured in the name of the George Johnstone Centre there (library and local area office).

Please send us your own suggestions for people who should be added here – leave a comment below, or email us. If you’d like to contribute a story about a local hero, past or present, you can add one at Your Stories or use our simple template and send it to us.

One thought on “Heroes”

  1. Malcolm Young says:

    I think Jackie Crookstone should be added to heroes

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