Private Jackie Reid



Jackie Reid of Musselburgh was one of the youngest to serve with the 1/7th battalion, the Royal Scots. The battalion was at Larbert when it was ordered to Gallipoli. On the way south one of their trains was wrecked with great injury and loss of life at Quntinhill near Gretna. Jackie was badly burnt and lost his right arm. He was sent to East Linton’s hospital to recover. His Musselburgh neighbours presented him with a wristwatch when he rejoined his regiment.

© The Scotsman Publications Ltd. Licensor

© The Scotsman Publications Ltd. Licensor

The Gretna Train disaster remains Britain’s worst. Five trains were involved, nearly 230 people died and more  were injured. Most were from the 1/7th Battalion, The Royal Scots, recruited from Leith, Portobello and Musselburgh. Only 60 men of the companies involved answered the roll after the disaster.

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