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Movers and shakers

The world of politics, war and money

East Lothian has been home to many statesmen and politicians, ambitious noblemen and inspirational leaders. We will gradually add more articles to this area, starting with A.J. Balfour, prime minister between 1902 and 1906.

If you have suggestions about people you would like to see featured in this section, please leave a comment below. If you’d like to contribute an article yourself, please use our simple template and send it to us. Or simply write a piece in Your Stories.

2 thoughts on “Movers and shakers”

  1. HelenB says:

    Hi Maureen, yes that does sound interesting! I think we should add that as a topic for volunteer research, and see what we can find in the collections.

  2. Maureen Shields says:

    Perhaps a piece on East Lothian and the Darien Scheme would be interesting.

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