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East Lothian has fostered many high-achieving sportspeople. If you’d like to contribute an article about any of them, or nominate someone to be featured here, please leave a comment below, or download our template and email it to us.

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  1. David says:

    Hello Margot

    Our collections at Local History have several relevant works (such as Alex Smith’s History of Tranent Juniors Football Club of 1992) but for a detailed look there’s nothing like rereading the local press. If you can come into the Centre, we have the relevant period of the East Lothian Courier on microfilm. If you are at a distance then contact Local History direct on [email protected]; the more details you can provide about your query the better, as to cover their costs a small fee applies.


    Does anyone know where I can access a history of Tranent Juniors Football team especially about 1968 period? Thank you

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