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We will gradually add more articles to this section. If you have a suggestion for someone to write about here, leave a comment below. Or if you’d like to write about a writer with links to East Lothian yourself, please use our simple template and send it to us or go to Your Stories on this website.

8 thoughts on “Writers”

  1. George marshall says:

    I am trying to find a book/ leaflet called Cockenzie & Port Seton bye-name dictionary by Jim Johnstone dated 1978/79. Forward by Dr. R. Turner. I am originally from cockenzie and find this very interesting to listen to people talk about it. I would love to own this in print. Any ideas where I can get it ? Thanks in advance

    1. HanitaR says:

      Hello Mr Marshall,
      Thank you for your enquiry. There are a few copies for reference in our Local History library and for loan in some of the branch public libraries. Unfortunately, we do not know of any source that may be able to provide a sale copy. Very sorry about this.

  2. David Golightly says:

    Reading the John Grey Centre material from where I live in Melbourne Australia is a wonderful experience. many thanks for your work.
    As a suggestion and a move to record for posterity – why don’t you add Peter Kerr to your list, he makes the grade as a writer but also as a musician. I remember him being a prefect when I went up to High School from Knox Primary. As far as I know Pete Kerr still lives in East Lothian so now is the time to record his valuable contribution.

    1. David says:

      Thank you David – we do like nice feedback!

      Be assured that Peter will ‘join the list’ in due course – it is, in part, comments like yours that help prioritise our additional pages.

  3. Kevin Addies says:

    Hi Helen,
    I have enjoyed playing around with the website and will have sent you a completed survey.
    As for people missing:
    John Muir???
    Robert Wilson? (Screw propeller)
    For religion and philosophy, John Knox? Surely to goodness!
    Politicians – you’ve got Balfour. What about Lord Belhaven, Andrew Fletcher, John P. Mackintosh, the Falls, Michael Ancram? That’s just off the top of my head.
    There’s probably a few more I haven’t been able to come up with. I can’t possibly write these myself but these names might be a start for volunteers!

    1. HelenB says:

      Great suggestions, thanks Kevin. Glad you’ve enjoyed browsing the site so far. We’re still building up articles and will certainly make sure these are on our list – would you like to contribute any that you have a particular interest in yourself? I can send you one of our basic templates if you like.

  4. HelenB says:

    Hi Veronica, that sounds interesting. I’ll check that out, and we’ll try to add a page about him fairly soon (once the Local History Centre is all unpacked and settled in the new building!).

  5. Veronica Wallace says:

    I am sure there is material on and by Samuel Mucklebacket (real name James Lumsden) in Local History Centre. He was an interesting character from a farming family around East Linton.

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