The headgear at Prestongrange Museum
The headgear (or headframe) at Prestongrange Museum. Photo taken by Paul Readman.

Prestongrange Museum, at Morrison’s Haven (on the coastal road between Prestonpans and Musselburgh), celebrates the industrial past of this area of East Lothian.

Prestongrange was the location of a 16th-century harbour, a 17th-century glass works, 18th- and 19th-century potteries and a 19/20th-century colliery and brickworks. Remnants of these industries can still be seen, and many structures are intact, including the Hoffman kiln built in 1937 and the Cornish beam engine 

The image here shows the colliery’s headgear, also known as the headframe. This photo, a crop of the photo in the Feature banner, was taken by Paul Readman, one of our volunteer photographers.

Headgear were positioned over vertical access shafts at collieries all over Scotland. The wheels at the top were used to support wire ropes attached to the lifts, called cages that lowered miners, coal and materials up and down these shafts.

This one is from Littlemill Colliery in Ayrshire.

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    Close crop of the old steam engine at the entrance to the museum.

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