Queen Victoria Blogs on East Lothian (Five)!

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An exercise in “just suppose….” (Part Five)

The old Difference Engine clanked into life again and revealed more of Queen Victoria’s account of her stay at Broxmouth House by Dunbar:

Monday August 26th, 1878, Broxmouth Park

Again, this dear and blessed anniversary returns and again, without my beloved blessed one; But he is ever with me in spirit*.

When I came down to breakfast, I gave Beatrice a mounted enamelled photograph of our dear mausoleum, and a silver belt of Montenegrin workmanship. After breakfast I gave my faithful Brown an oxidised silver biscuit box and some onyx studs. He was greatly pleased with the former, and the tears came to his eyes, and he said “It is too much”. God knows it is not, for one so devoted and faithful. Mauchline Ware souvenir of Broxmouth Park

I gave my maids also trifles from Dunbar; and to Jane Ely, the gentlemen, and the servants a trifle each, in remembrance of the dear day and of the place.

(* Victoria refers to the death of HRH Prince Albert, Prince Consort, b 26 Aug 1819 d14 Dec 1861)

Queen Victoria’s ‘trifles from Dunbar’ make reference to the town’s increasing appeal as a tourist resort. Already, local entrepreneurs were offering souvenir photographs and the Mauchine Ware craze had reached the town.

We’ve created this blog using Victoria’s own words (and punctuation), her own views and thoughts of her time at Broxmouth Park in 1878. More will follow. The extracts were selected from one of Victoria’s published Journals.

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