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Queen Victoria Blogs on East Lothian (Four)!

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An exercise in “just suppose….” (Part Four)

The old Difference Engine clanked into life again and revealed more of Queen Victoria’s account of her stay at Broxmouth House by Dunbar:

Sunday August 25th, 1878, Broxmouth Park

East Links Dunbar, John Smart RSA, 1889A fine hot morning. After breakfast, walked with Beatrice down under the trees to the left, along a break next to the Broxburn, on to the end of the walk which led to the garden wall, on which roses were growing, and which is quite on the sea, which was of a deep blue. The rocks are very bad for boats. There is a walk along the top of the rocks that overhang the sea-the Links. This road goes on to Dunbar, which, with its fine church that stands so high as to be a landmark, is well seen from here. We walked back again, and I sat out near the house on the grass, under one of the small canopies which we had brought with us, and signed papers and wrote.

Queen Victoria’s observations on ‘the walk along the top of the rocks’ may refer to today’s East Promenade. If so, they provide evidence of the early date of this facility, which is otherwise poorly recorded.

We’ve created this blog using Victoria’s own words (and punctuation), her own views and thoughts of her time at Broxmouth Park in 1878. More will follow. The extracts were selected from one of Victoria’s published Journals.

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