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Revisiting Collections : Tags

How tags work

When you add a tag to John Gray Centre website and HELO, it is immediately associated with the object, archive, local history or archaeology record.  The addition of the tag is signalled to our moderation team.

The tags are used in a special search: a tag listing search from the tag cloud at the base of the page brings up the associated records.  This is different from a subject search where the subject comes from our curated databases: a general search on the tag in the keyword search will not find it (unless the word is already in the record).

Promotion of tags to curated subjects

From time to time, we will decide that certain tags that users have added are appropriate to be added to one of more of the curated databases.  We will revisit our curated collection(s) and add these tags as subjects.  They will then appear as subject facets, be found through searches, and be promoted into the original curated record for the object or item.

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